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5L at JGMX: Van Hooten Sand Gulch MX1 (4 riders)
5L at JGMX: Van Hooten Sand Gulch MX1 (4 riders)
5L at JGMX: Van Hooten Sand Gulch MX1 (4 riders)
stinky salmon sniffer set the new track record at 1:51.296
8M+1L at 2023 RFWSX RD3 - Daytona (2 riders)
8M+1L at 2023 RFWSX RD2 - Australia (2 riders)
Wyatt Hasemeier set the new track record at 2:00.164
8M+1L at 2023 RFWSX RD1 - Assen (2 riders)
Wyatt Hasemeier set the new track record at 1:46.671
8M+1L at 2023 RFWSX RD1 - Assen (3 riders)
ted bundy set the new track record at 1:49.187
8M+1L at 2023 RFWSX RD5 - Imola (2 riders)
8M+1L at 2023 RFWSX RD4 - Bangre, Nepal (2 riders)
Wyatt Hasemeier set the new track record at 1:32.398
8M+1L at 2023 RFWSX RD3 - Daytona (2 riders)
ted bundy set the new track record at 2:26.289
8M+1L at 2023 RFWSX RD1 - Assen (2 riders)
Wyatt Hasemeier set the new track record at 1:49.742
0L at JGMX: Van Hooten Sand Gulch SX2 (2 riders)
8M+1L at 2023 American Supercross Rd 03 - San Bernadino (1 riders)
mykel johnson set the new track record at 1:16.812
8M+1L at 2023 American Supercross Rd 01 - Los Angeles (1 riders)
ted bundy set the new track record at 0:56.617
5L at ZION Mx Green Valley (2 riders)
Steve Thinger set the new track record at 2:47.492
5L at ZION Japan Motocross Sera Green Park 2022 (2 riders)
5L at 2023 Dog Nationals Rd 7: Niamey (2 riders)
Beuford Snagglebroth set the new track record at 2:25.023
5L at JGMX: Not Another Erode Raceway (4 riders)
5L at 2023 Dog Nationals Rd 7: Niamey (7 riders)
kai adams checked out for the first time on this server
kai adams got a holeshot for the first time on this server
kai adams got a win for the first time on this server
kai adams set the new track record at 2:29.937
5L at 2023 Dog Nationals Rd 5: Balhin Chuluu (5 riders)
john Sweeney earned the hard charger award
john Sweeney got a win for the first time on this server
john Sweeney set the new track record at 2:32.789

Track Records

(RTC) 2015 Baltimore SX 1:02.882ted bundy
2015 FAMmx Fall Cup - Round 4 - Echopark Fairgrounds 1:41.218Jimbo Fisher
2017 PreSeason Supercross Round 1 By BikeGraphix: Signal Hill 0:45.601tostitos pizza rolls
2017 PreSeason Supercross Round 2 By BikeGraphix: Cranberry Lake 0:51.312tostitos pizza rolls
2017 PreSeason Supercross Round 3 By BikeGraphix: Hard Nips SX =) 1:11.804tostitos pizza rolls
2017 St. Jude Rd 4 - Red Budds Creek at MotoagogoLand 2:10.015Lux Turner/Deluxe cleaning
2017 Tagger Designs SX Compound Track 2 0:53.468tostitos pizza rolls
2017 Tagger Designs SX Compound Track 3 0:55.101tostitos pizza rolls
2017 Tagger Designs SX Compound Track 4 0:55.593tostitos pizza rolls
2017 Tagger Designs SX Compound Track 5 1:03.804tostitos pizza rolls
2017 Tagger Designs SX Compound Track 6 1:01.515tostitos pizza rolls
2018 Jerry Robin Cup - SX2 1:14.695Lux Turner
2019 Honda Test Track 0:57.726ted bundy
2019 St.Jude Round 2 - WhiskeyRow 2:11.343tostitos pizza rolls
2020 Mini O's Supercross | Seth Garrett 0:58.734crunch wrap
2022 Battlegrounds Offseason SX Rd 1 - Millstone, PA - Race Version 1:09.070tostitos pizza rolls
2022 Battlegrounds Offseason SX Rd 5 - Glen Haven, CO - Race Version 1:55.648tostitos pizza rolls
2022 District Designs Compound 1:48.625Cades Mom
2022 District Designs Compound - Sx 1:05.101stinky salmon sniffer
2022 DROP BEAR SX SERIES RD1 1:56.312Jimbo Fisher
2022 Fall SX Championship Round 03 - Cartersville, GA 1:13.789Welchs Grape Juice
2022 Finca Motosports AX RD 1 | Tulsa, OK 0:26.984Lux Turner/Deluxe cleaning
2022 Finca Motosports AX RD 2 | Kansas City, MO 0:25.093hot chicken wings
2022 Finca Motosports AX RD 3 | Tunica, MS 0:28.125Lux Turner/Deluxe cleaning
2022 Finca Motosports AX RD 4 | Amarillo, TX 0:30.750Lux Turner/Deluxe cleaning
2022 rF Gaming GP Rd08: Riola Sardo 1:49.984CNS rail:30
2022 Supercross Rd 06 - Anaheim 3 1:19.523Darquavious Hammercock
2022 Supercross Rd 07 - Minneapolis 0:55.000tostitos pizza rolls
2022 Supercross Rd 09 - Daytona 1:34.625helen keller
2022 Supercross Rd 11 - Indianapolis 0:49.492helen keller
2022 Supercross Rd 12 - Seattle 1:05.984Darquavious Hammercock
2022 Supercross Rd 13 - St Louis 1:00.632Joe Motocross
2022 Supercross Rd 15 - Foxborough 1:04.234Joe Motocross
2022 Supercross Rd 17 - Salt Lake City 1:03.718Matt Jones | Evergood
2022 The Brewery MX 2:14.148Joe Motocross
2022RiverfrontMX 1:22.273tostitos pizza rolls
2023 American Supercross Rd 01 - Los Angeles 0:56.617ted bundy
2023 American Supercross Rd 03 - San Bernadino 1:16.812mykel johnson
2023 Dog Nationals Rd 5: Balhin Chuluu 2:32.789john Sweeney
2023 Dog Nationals Rd 7: Niamey 2:25.023Beuford Snagglebroth
2023 Hemet SX 1:16.484Pickled Sphincter
2023 RFWSX RD1 - Assen 1:46.671Wyatt Hasemeier
2023 RFWSX RD2 - Australia 2:00.164Wyatt Hasemeier
2023 RFWSX RD3 - Daytona 2:26.289ted bundy
2023 RFWSX RD4 - Bangre, Nepal 1:32.398Wyatt Hasemeier
2023 Supercross Rd 01 - Anaheim 1 1:09.140Pickled Sphincter
2023 SX round 17 Saltlake City : CV JPD 0:52.656tostitos pizza rolls
BCTW: SX 1 1:13.671Joe Motocross
BCTW: SX 2 1:20.921Thomas Welch |
Brain Fried Supercross 1:15.625Pickled Sphincter
BSXP 2019 - Sx1 0:49.429Lux Turner/Deluxe cleaning
BSXP 2019 - Sx2 0:41.960tostitos pizza rolls
BSXP 2019 - Sx3 0:49.710Jimbo Fisher
BSXP 2019 - Sx4 0:44.859Lux Turner/Deluxe cleaning
BSXP 2019 - Sx5 0:54.656Steve Thinger
BSXP 2019 - Sx6 0:54.242tostitos pizza rolls
BSXP 2019 - Sx7 0:51.351Steve Thinger
Burning Harbor SX 1:10.804Brady Smith | rail:30
Buttery Smooth Revamped 1:16.515Hunter Dasilva
CarnegeNSteeze 23 Sx 1:52.429Steve Thinger
Cmx: Muddles 1:02.125tostitos pizza rolls
Cmx: Supid 1:09.187Joe Motocross
CND : 83 Compond SX North 1:09.468ted bundy
CND:2023 Test Track 1:04.890Joe Motocross
ConnectVisual Backyard Moto - Motocross 1:28.718tostitos pizza rolls
Craigs Factory - Sand SX 0:48.835Jimbo Fisher
DelbSX 1:05.390stinky salmon sniffer
DL's 2022 World Sx Melbourne Backyard Edition 1:00.671stinky salmon sniffer
DL's Midnight Supercross Track 1:20.585Joe Motocross
DL's Supercross at Charlies Joint 1:05.601stinky salmon sniffer
DL's Supercross Ranch 2022 1:33.929Lux Turner
donutmx | AMA Monster Mountain BETA 3:00.453Brady Smith | rail:30
DTF: Donut Training Facility 5:17.031stinky salmon sniffer
FAMmx MotoVilla - Supercross Track 1 1:03.960stinky salmon sniffer
FARMLAND SX - MatRob Designs 1:10.265notcade
FARMLAND SX Round 2 - MatRob Designs 1:21.671tostitos pizza rolls
FARMLAND SX Round 3 - MatRob Designs 1:44.468tostitos pizza rolls
FARMLAND SX Round 4 - MatRob Designs 1:28.867Jonathan Hernandez | Active
FARMLAND SX Round 5 - MatRob Designs 1:20.914CNS rail:30
FARMLAND SX Round 6 - MatRob Designs 1:11.281Clayton Tucker
FARMLAND SX Round 7 - MatRob Designs 1:23.382crunch wrap
GAS Productions SX North - MatRob Designs 1:04.234Lux Turner/Deluxe cleaning
Houston Compound - Sx 1 0:40.554ted bundy
Jaeckels Private SX 1:34.625Lux Turner
JCSX: PineWall 1:37.007tostitos pizza rolls
JCSX Not Tortilla Flats 1:24.421tostitos pizza rolls
JGMX: Dr. Dew Racing Compound 2:48.500stinky salmon sniffer
JGMX: Gibel's Crossing 2:14.171Joe Motocross
JGMX: Inspiration MX 1:42.117Darquavious Hammercock
JGMX: Not Another Erode Raceway 2:22.960tostitos pizza rolls
JGMX: Realistic Litte Testie 1:44.078Granny PinkSock
JGMX: Realistic Little Testie Round 2 1:17.601tostitos pizza rolls
JGMX: Seabolt Compound MX 3:02.742Lux Turner/Deluxe cleaning
JGMX: Van Hooten Sand Gulch MX1 1:51.296stinky salmon sniffer
JGMX: Van Hooten Sand Gulch SX3 0:52.140CNS rail:30
JGMX: Wildside Compound Daytona SX 1:51.101cody houghton / OBR
JGMX: Wildside Compound Hillside SX 1:17.093Brady Smith | rail:30
JGSX: 1990 SX RD1 1:40.335tostitos pizza rolls
JGSX: 1990 SX RD2 1:28.351Thomas Welch|washed up
JGSX: 2016 Mountain Side HYBRID 1:08.914tostitos pizza rolls
JGSX: 2018 Foxborough Massachusetts 1:00.875Lux Turner
JGSX: 2019 RD1: Anaheim 1 1:11.765Lux Turner
JGSX: Scromp SX 1:05.539Lux Turner
JMX-Sandtop 1:51.617hunter | sarms is gay
Jordan Newell SX 1:00.750Brady Smith | rail:30
Jreed's Private Supercross Track 1:06.296Lux Turner
Kael Compound SX 1:10.789Bill Will
KGTestTrack 0:59.500tostitos pizza rolls
Kittery Lake Motocross 1:53.710Darquavious Hammercock
MatRob's Abandoned Quarry SX - 23' Denver 0:50.492Lux Turner/Deluxe cleaning
MatRob's Abandoned Quarry SX - 23' Detroit 1:00.625Brandon Larsen | OnlyFans
MatRob's Abandoned Quarry SX - 23' East Rutherford 0:56.437tostitos pizza rolls
MatRob's Abandoned Quarry SX - 23' Glendale 1:06.289JS4
MatRob's Abandoned Quarry SX - 23' Houston 0:56.914tostitos pizza rolls
MatRob's Abandoned Quarry SX - 23' Indianapolis 0:53.507tostitos pizza rolls
MatRob's Abandoned Quarry SX - 23' Nashville 1:07.406pitta champ
MatRob's Abandoned Quarry SX - 23' Oakland 1:11.101Brandon Larsen | OnlyFans
MatRob's Abandoned Quarry SX - 23' Salt Lake City 0:51.132JS4
MatRob's Abandoned Quarry SX - 23' Seattle 0:57.281section 8 zoo ape
MatRob's Abandoned Quarry SX - 23' Tampa 0:58.968tostitos pizza rolls | deluxe cleaning
MatRob Designs - Sandy Hill MX Track 3:12.289Steve Thinger
MatRob Designs - Sandy Hill Sand Track 4:03.882Darquavious Hammercock
MatRob Designs - Sandy Hill SX 1 1:13.929Beuford Snagglebroth
MatRob Designs - Sandy Hill SX 2 1:16.625victor lazo
MikaMX 1:39.054jroe | thuggyisdaddy | ClubMx Yamaha
MX vs ATV Reflex Pinetop MX - MatRob Designs 2:08.390NUMBERS 78 / CFR
One3One Compound SX Upper 1:40.546tostitos pizza rolls
Pro-Concept Compound Supercross 2 - 2016 1:15.945ted bundy
SoybeanMX2 0:44.234Wyatt Hasemeier | Sarms
STANCE Compound Indi 2022 Replica - MatRob Designs 0:52.156tostitos pizza rolls
STANCE Compound Kawi Test Track Replica - MatRob Designs 1:04.250tostitos pizza rolls
STANCE Compound Top SX - MatRob Designs 0:51.617Lux Turner/Deluxe cleaning
Tortilla Flats Dos 2017 1:12.843Jimbo Fisher
Tortilla Flats Linus 1:31.531Joe Motocross
Tortilla Flats Linus x2 1:24.046Jimbo Fisher
U.S.S. Supercross 1:19.585Pickled Sphincter
VlastMX: Matthew's Plantation 1:34.445Jimbo
Warehoused 3 0:45.671Brodie.C | SCR
World SX Rd 1 - MatRob Designs 0:53.242ted bundy
ZION Japan Motocross Sera Green Park 2022 2:04.843Mud
ZION Motocross Chanas 2022 2:45.382crunch wrap
ZION Motocross Deep Sand 2022 2:04.718ted bundy
ZION Motocross GreenBud 1:47.992Brandon Larsen | Privateer
ZION Motocross Training DAY 2022 1:49.687ted bundy
ZION Mx Flaine Helen 2022 1:45.429Mud
ZION MXGP Ernee 2022 2:02.406ted bundy
ZION Mx Green Valley 2:47.492Steve Thinger
ZION Mx Le Boulou 2022 2:18.148John Wayne Gapesme
ZION Mx Smacks 2022 2:04.937ted bundy
ZION SUPERCROSS MADNESS 2 1:14.921ted bundy
ZION SUPERCROSS Paris Sunday Final 2022 0:51.546tostitos pizza rolls


1100.00*23Jonathan Hewitt |#JustHappyTooBeHere
2100.00*28kai adams
3100.00*169 GlizzGobRacing
4100.00*930im dat guy ;)
6100.00*898Sean Leenstra | Motion Madness
7100.00*304Ethan Lenox
8100.00*113Braden Spangle113
9100.00*127S.Breeze | AZ HESH MOTO
10100.00*55Nicholas B | strike racing ktm
11100.00*1Bill Will
13100.00*18sawyer gieck
14100.00*70Paddy Barson | Braxton Worldwide
15100.00*kukAlex Eriksson
16100.00*226Marshall | Livin Motorsports
17100.00*14victor lazo
18100.00*PRNmutha fuckin horse nutz cuh
19100.00*85Luis Laufer // GAS GAS Motocenter-Hegau
20100.00*92D Burns | FastLap
22100.00*17Lilesco|finna whip dis hoe
23100.00*240Malo Even
24100.00*517carl oakes/sevenmx
25100.00*122George Galipis
26100.00*700Andreas Bjoernholdt | BRH
28100.00*444Reggie's Contruction Work | Red Panda Racing
29100.00*239Reece Martin
30100.00*12Walker Nalley | Peap Co.
3197.37*22Jonathan Hernandez | Active
3296.97*124Joe Jackoff the 3rd | Lansford Motorsports
3395.45*175David Salas | SdWorks
3494.12*144Bobby BigLines | Ryno Power
3589.47*567Jason Felkey | CANVAS
3687.80*822Sabina Matteo| BFSA racing
3787.50*428Leon Huelsken | DINOCO
3887.50*138Jacob Arnbrister @JZ | Wonder Bread Boyz #AA206
4085.71*66Fast Guy/GLUSTA
4184.21*71ayo pierre cade wanna come out here
4283.33*219Koda#219 | @kxdafilms | dc-Koda#0494
4483.33*332Dominic Schofield
4583.33*627Relish | BPC
4683.33*142brandon eade | evo x poodle
4782.35*78NUMBERS 78 / CFR
4882.09*68Anton Stenberg
4981.82*328Cade Mason | LMR Honda
5081.82*159nolan connolly/MXGaming
5180.00*73Brandon Larsen | OnlyFans
5280.00*512Hentila | @Moto.Fails
5380.00*180ethan Crumet | AO Racing
5478.26*242R Schep
5676.92*405Jack Garfoot
5875.00*222Matthew Rowse
5975.00*17Davis Daniels | Platinum
6075.00*48deegan mckenzie|
6175.00*138grady spangle
6275.00*329Matteo Brusinelli | BFSA Factory
6374.82156Cade Miller | NiceGentlemen
6474.60*14Moto 14
6573.68*132cades sex doll
6772.73*128carsyn forcum/dibbyfuel/
6971.43*829Brenden Bacal|DaBaum Designs
7070.00*570Brodie.C | SCR
7169.44*110Tom Luberda|BBR
7266.67*1L Bozo
7566.67*202Ryan Oppliger | BTO sport
7666.67*46section 8 zoo ape
7766.67*505Noah Stolz
7866.67*293Thibby l Limited Moto
7966.67*105Aurelien Klein
8066.20711Wyatt Hasemeier
8165.829CNS rail:30
8264.8447Lux Turner/Deluxe cleaning
8364.52*841Josh Plymale | LateNightCrew
8463.64*31Zach Ufimzeff
8563.64*3opp dustr
8663.64*11john Sweeney
8763.02178Beuford Snagglebroth
8962.69*79Kristian Baso
9061.97*505over yeat????
9161.70*435jameek black
9261.43*110Dixie Normous | Turnbar Racing
9361.18*238SARMS USER
9461.11*959Jake Perry
9560.32*111Alex Vusttos | Team Spain
9660.00*22Trey Valley
9960.00*235Devin Ruth | Glusta Racing
10059.35184stinky salmon sniffer
10159.12517Bush's Baked Beans
10258.67820Dalton Oxborrow
10358.33*36rm 125
10457.89*1Stevie Wonder
10557.3576Vivian Dabert | ZION
10657.14*276Carter Cochran
10757.14*118Joe botocross
10857.14*711Long Neck | DBD
10955.68*47Lux Turner
11055.56*ppdawson blake
11155.17*48Kai | BBR
11254.55*9Gabriel Desbiens
11354.44*69MAKAI OLERICH|biggist bird
11453.85*715Julian Savala | Shredco
11553.33*22andrea ferrari/bfsa superfactory
11653.33*303boner | TiRadee Racing
11852.63*66Loomy The Cleaner | @DrDewRacing
11952.44*991kason little | VSR
12052.3277CJ benard
12152.01376Darquavious Hammercock
12250.75*929Cody Houghton
12350.00*284Harvey Isborne | Privateer
12450.00*84pitta champ
12550.00*268Hayden Boyd | Muc-Off x CLUBMX
12650.00*83Joe Botocross
12750.00*459Sam Goffem
12850.00*107Seth Vincent|MxLockerAektivCo.
12950.00*92Go Go Gary
13050.00*919Doug Bauer
13150.00*23Dylan DuClos
13250.00*49Luke Daniels
13350.00*116Zachary Whitaker | OLMY Creations
13450.00*48Ryder Fox
13650.00*136Paco Renvoize | 136
13750.00*619Seth Hanlon | Irish Hills Mx
13850.00*575Osric Schoch | Os'Design |
13950.00*24jroe | thuggyisdaddy | ClubMx Yamaha
14047.06*999Joe Motocross
14245.45*954$kylar Belcher | Mo Money Racing
14344.44*178Joe Motocross
14444.44*13Brandon Opfer-Kent
14544.00*321Baily Tucker |Quicksand llc
14743.75*455Mathias Langstrup
14843.75*97MG #97
14943.64*18Devin Cook| Priv
15042.86*311El Americano l Glusta
15142.11*151cades one moto win
15341.67*411Derek Jones | LB Films
15440.91*11Ryan V[Quicksand LLC]
15540.1914bobby s-10 | BPC
15640.00*726Zaneman|Glusta Racing
15740.00*26Peyton Prouty|privateer
16037.50*757anthony scapin
16137.50*28Cooper Mullins| TiRadee racing
16336.84*16Jesse Gardner
16436.00*55Dandre| BBR
16535.14*273ezra | analogstick
16634.83*70Hogan Mims
16833.33*742Kyle Hollenbeck | LateNightCrew
16933.33*136DevO cleaned ur clock
17033.33*38Joe Motocross
17133.33*27Maxim Sonnerat
17333.33*33Caleb Landgrebe | Prestige
17433.33*670Luca Seelen/ES-racing KTM
17633.33*40Yo Daddy
17731.58*23Ethan Berry
17830.00*716Jacob Lindquist
17929.73*742Andrew Garcia
18129.17*411bubby short | Vital mx
18228.57*72Joe Motocross
18328.57*273Everett McDonald | North Star
18428.38*910Oliver Kamp
18527.27*14coochie lips
18626.91217Granny PinkSock
18825.00*810Tayce Morgan
18925.00*238mykel johnson
19125.00*167Glxzzy | ERT
19225.00*133j. cusano
19325.00*122da makey 1222222222222222
19423.68*175RYDER STAR / MULFS
19721.74*67Dixon Butts
19821.05*143Me>Everyone else in this server
19920.83*117Justin Silvis | DJ's MotoSports
20020.41*89JD Miller | BallsackBarkers
20120.29101Colby Booth
20220.00*25Elliot Hearnden I Vision Design
20320.00*711Thats how you catch trout
20420.00*15Brock Moore
20520.00*259Bearded Bubba | Professional Goon
20620.00*119Matt Jones | Evergood
20720.00*15Lil Einstein| TBD Racing
20820.00*504Ezra Tate | ME
20917.65*27Riley Renzo
21016.67*252Landon Zack
21116.67*USAI hate you
21416.67*998Max Powers
21516.67*43Maddixx Perque | Supreme
21714.29*13@chickenjoe_films | Disappointment Racing
21814.29*147Elliott McDonald | North Star
21914.29*23Dominick Prickett
22014.29*67cutcho| dick production
22113.33*154Kade Dunscombe
22310.4021Noah Westrich
2249.09*30Jason | BBR
2275.26*494Benedikt/ES-racing KTM
2280.00*138Lucas Becker | Spark Gang
2300.00*171Jordan Berry
2310.00*543Connor Templin
2320.00*177Tyler Toline / Brazzers
2350.00*419Kyler Smith | TR Rockstar Makita Suzuki
2360.00*199Adam S.
2380.00*278brock garrett |Dick Production
2390.00*23Anthony Lentini / OT
2400.00*31mark fiesler | Milf Patrol
2420.00*420K.Eddy | AZ HESH MOTO
2430.00*71Max daniels
2450.00*610Colten Savage | LMR Honda
2460.00*78cooper dailey priveter
2470.00*25Boris Zoutendijk | NEW HERE
2490.00*277Chase Morales | @Moto.Fails
2500.00*23thuggy | jroeisdaddy | ClubMx Yamaha
2520.00*23Ben Campbell | STANCE
2530.00*21Hagen snider
2550.00*14RedBull Russ l Mommy lana loves me
2580.00*259Jay Turner
2590.00*1Gary Dufinshmerts |
2600.00*705Chris Colantoni
2610.00*42adam smerdon
2630.00*179Anton Karlsson | GoonSquad
2640.00*151Dalton Venter| Motion Madness
2650.00*118bentley aydt/seven mx
2660.00*777Freddie Grove | R4W Dawgz
267-101kyle yonekura | active
270-82Luke Fauser | NovaGFX
271-0Herbz - Naish Kiteboarding
272-17Crispy | Aspiring
273-258Alec Serzynski
274-217Dylan Kelso I WCP Rockstar KTM
276-49Nicklas Langstrup | NevaLand
277-3Bo Vang
278-99Lachlan Turner
280-3Brilee Stott|
281-151Jacko|Glizzy Racing
282-23Carson Miller | I buy traphouses LLC
283-2Alex p|BERSERK Racing
284-919Chicken Jo | CANVAS
286-442Logan Webb
287-723landon gibson
288-23colinramon |
289-127Morgan Crager | L.A Wrapz | #4JA
290-24Teddy Leman |Team BBDSA|

* Less than 100 opponents.

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