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Recent Races

10M+1L at MatRob Designs - SMX Playoff's Rd 1 Charlotte Motor Speedway (2 riders)
Noah McLaughlin | Faded than a hoe set the new track record at 1:25.843
10M+1L at 2023 Dog Nationals Rd 9: Fribourg (3 riders)
10M+1L at 2023 Dog Nationals Rd 9: Fribourg (2 riders)
Billy Blundell | Altherm JCR Yamaha set the new track record at 3:30.046
10M+1L at 2023 Dog Nationals Rd 9: Fribourg (1 riders)
J Frank set the new track record at 4:34.359
10M+1L at 2023 Dog Nationals Rd 9: Fribourg (2 riders)
10M+2L at JGMX: Seabolt Compound MX (2 riders)
luke fauser...blair set the new track record at 2:54.101
10M+2L at JGMX: Seabolt Compound MX (2 riders)
Trevin Thompson | Perico's Innerprize set the new track record at 3:08.039
10M+2L at Holy Smokes Valley (3 riders)
10M+2L at Holy Smokes Valley (2 riders)
Noah McLaughlin | Faded than a hoe set the new track record at 1:31.578
10M+2L at ConnectVisual - The Dogpound : Motocross (2 riders)
10M+2L at ConnectVisual - The Dogpound : Motocross (2 riders)
Noah McLaughlin | Drunk Driving co set the new track record at 2:39.554
15M+2L at ! Braxton's Private Property (3 riders)
Noah McLaughlin | Drunk Driving co set the new track record at 2:01.695
15M+2L at ! Braxton's Private Property (2 riders)
Noah McLaughlin | Drunk Driving co set the new track record at 2:04.570
15M+2L at ! Braxton's Private Property (2 riders)
Noah McLaughlin | Drunk Driving co set the new track record at 2:07.109
20L at MatRob's Abandoned Quarry SX - 23' Denver (2 riders)
Noah McLaughlin | Faded set the new track record at 0:49.617
10M+2L at FARMLAND SX - MatRob Designs (2 riders)
Noah McLaughlin | Faded set the new track record at 1:14.078
10M+2L at 2023 Dog Nationals Rd 2: Bukarest (3 riders)
10M+2L at 2023 Dog Nationals Rd 1: Taipei (3 riders)
Trevin Thompson | Perico's Innerprize set the new track record at 3:40.398
10M+1L at 2023 rF Gaming National Rd03: Thunder Valley (3 riders)
10M+1L at 2023 rF Gaming National Rd03: Thunder Valley (3 riders)
Trevin Thompson | Perico's Innerprize set the new track record at 2:18.304

Track Records

! Braxton's Private Property 2:01.695Noah McLaughlin | Drunk Driving co
!Reflex - Prairie Valley MX 1:34.320Trevin Thompson
!Tehachapi MX 3:35.632Gregory Evans|GGR Honda
2014 Dirt Bike Track 1:54.679Trevin Thompson | Team Fried
2015 FAMmx Fall Cup - Round 4 - Echopark Fairgrounds 1:43.328Trevin Thompson | Cyber Dezigns
2015BaltimoreMud 2:21.500Joseph Pilsner | Privateer
2017 St. Jude Rd 4 - Red Budds Creek at MotoagogoLand 2:11.960Alex Hoskin|SL Productions
2018 Cedar Valley MX Smooth 1:31.210Neo Darmon |38| TNG FACTORY
2018 Cedar Valley SX 0:59.382Gregory Evans | GGR Honda
2018 Red Bull Straight Rhythm Replica - Race 0:53.570Gregory Evans|GGR Honda
2018 Supercross Rd 02 - Houston 0:59.703Aaron Cottrell|Privateer
2018 Supercross Rd 05 - Oakland 1:15.023Aaron Cottrell|Privateer
2019 Red Bull Straight Rhythm Replica - Race (Seth Garrett) 0:49.656Trevin Thompson | Cyber Dezigns #4JA
2019 rF Gaming National Rd09: Washougal 2:35.250Noah McLaughlin | Cyber Dezigns
2019 rF Gaming National Rd10: Unadilla Rough 2:19.625Seth Carr | MCr
2019 rF Gaming National Rd12: Ironman Rough 2:12.085Trevin Thompson | Cyber Dezigns
2019 St.Jude Round 3 - Pomeroy Facility 2:07.414Trevin Thompson | Team Fried
2019 Supercross Rd 10 - Daytona 1:10.875Trevin Thompson | Limited Decal
2019 The Sand Track 2:10.031Noah McLaughlin | Cyber Dezigns
2020 Cyber SX 1:46.164Noah McLaughlin | Cyber Dezigns
2020 EMF WMS rd03 Uddevalla 1:50.953Trevin Thompson | Cyber Dezigns
2020 EMF WMS rd07 Villars-ss-Ecot 1:34.757Trevin Thompson | Cyber Dezigns
2020 Enduropale du Touquet 7:27.820Noah McLaughlin | Cyber Dezigns
2020 Ibcorp SX 0:53.742Maxime's moms only fans is freeee!!!!
2020 rF Gaming GP Rd05: Maggiora Park 2:04.390Dylan Love | Proline Designs
2020 rF Gaming GP Rd07: Orlyonok 2:08.406Trevin Thompson | Team Fried
2020 rF Gaming GP Rd08: Kegums 1:44.664Dylan Love | Proline Designs
2020 rF Gaming GP Rd11: Lommel 2:02.234tommy lee
2020 Rival Decal Compound MX 2:33.148Griffin Cumbridge | SCR
2020 Summer Supercross Shootout Rd 14 - Bedford,OH 1:17.273Trevin Thompson
2020 Supercross Rd 8 - Arlington 0:58.375Noah McLaughlin | Cyber Dezigns
2020 Supercross Rd 10 - Daytona 1:36.265Luke Magnetti | BPC
2020 Supercross Rd 14 - Denver 0:53.515Joe Motocross
2020:Cyber Cup Off Season:Rd.1 1:07.398Noah McLaughlin | Cyber Dezigns
2021 Alcrest Revamp-Presented By Cyber Dezigns 1:02.156Gregory Evans | GGR Honda
2021 Cyber Arenacross RD.1 0:22.515Noah McLaughlin | Cyber Dezigns
2021 Cyber Arenacross RD.2 0:37.625Noah McLaughlin | Cyber Dezigns
2021 Cyber Facilities 1:09.367Brent Heintzelman | iG: Cyber_Dezigns
2021 Fall Sx Cup Rnd 17 - Las Vegas, NV 1:07.781Noah McLaughlin | LTD
2021 Japan SX Series - Round 3 - Shizuoka 1:28.406Luke Fauser | NovaGFX
2021 MXSEMF Supercross by BAC - rd01 Houston 1 0:50.953Maxime's Mother
2021 rF Gaming GP Rd04: Assen 1:51.304Trevin Thompson | Limited Decal
2021 rF Gaming GP Rd07: Loket 1:41.187Trevin Thompson | Limited Decal
2021 rF Gaming GP Rd08: Lommel 2:01.156Trevin Thompson | The L.W.G
2021 rF Gaming GP Rd11: Ageuda 1:52.984Trevin Thompson | The L.W.G
2021 rF Gaming GP Rd12: Neuquen 1:46.578Loris Modard | BUD Racing MXS Magasine
2021 rF Gaming National Rd01: Fox Raceway 2:17.101Noah McLaughlin | Cyber Dezigns
2021 rF Gaming National Rd06: Spring Creek MX 2:12.359Trevin Thompson | Limited Decal
2021 rF Gaming National Rd10: Ironman 1:56.226Noah McLaughlin | Limited Decal
2021 Supercross Rd 09 - Daytona 1:30.054Noah McLaughlin | Limited Decal
2021 Supercross Rd 13 - Atlanta 1 1:50.437Noah McLaughlin | Limited Decal
2022 Battlegrounds Offseason SX Rd 1 - Millstone, PA - Race Version 1:06.273Trevin Thompson
2022 Battlegrounds Offseason SX Rd 3 - Blackwater, AZ - Race Version 0:54.046Trevin Thompson
2022 Battlegrounds Offseason SX Rd 5 - Glen Haven, CO - Race Version 1:18.656Trevin Thompson
2022 DROP BEAR SX SERIES RD1 1:53.617Trevin Thompson
2022 Landskrona Saxtorp 2:08.304Noah McLaughlin | Privateer
2022 rF Gaming GP Rd06: Kegums 2:01.484Trevin Thompson | The L.W.G
2022 rF Gaming GP Rd12: St. Jean D'Angely 2:05.367daniel B
2022 rF Gaming National Rd03: Thunder Valley 2:26.492Trevin Thompson | Perico's Innerprize
2022 Supercross Rd 03 - San Diego 0:58.250Noah McLaughlin | LTD
2022 Supercross Rd 09 - Daytona 1:34.718Noah McLaughlin | Faded than a hoe
2022 Supercross Rd 12 - Seattle Hubbo 0:57.031Noah McLaughlin |
2022 Supercross Rd 13 - St Louis 0:56.476Noah McLaughlin | Cyber Dezigns
2023 Dog Nationals Rd 1: Taipei 3:40.398Trevin Thompson | Perico's Innerprize
2023 Dog Nationals Rd 2: Bukarest 2:28.914Trevin Thompson | Perico's Innerprize
2023 Dog Nationals Rd 9: Fribourg 3:30.046Billy Blundell | Altherm JCR Yamaha
2023 rF Gaming National Rd03: Thunder Valley 2:18.304Trevin Thompson | Perico's Innerprize
2023 Supercross Rd 03 - San Diego 1:02.335Noah McLaughlin | Faded than a hoe
2023EnduropaleduTouquet 3:11.093Noah McLaughlin | Faded than a hoe
ArizonaCyclePark - Night 2:30.898Gregory Evans | GGR Honda
BAC: 2020 Loretta Lynn Amatuer Nationals 1:46.062Marten Enok / KTL Racing
BAC: 2020 Moto Sandbox Daytona SX 1:06.093Trevin Thompson | Limited Decal
BAC: 2020 Moto Sandbox SX 1:03.640Trevin Thompson | Limited Decal
BAC: 2020 Moto Sandbox SX Eroded 1:08.320Trevin Thompson | Limited Decal
BAC: Viney Ranch SX 0:57.257Noah McLaughlin | LTD
bleDSX 1:12.414Trevin Thompson | Limited Decal
BlockPound 2017 - Hillside SX 1:24.640hollywood wascom | Verified Graphics Co
BSXP 2019 - Sx4 0:43.515Bicalho | privateer
BSXP 2019 - Sx5 0:56.796Nick Niles | Cyber Dezign$
BunghaDog 2:21.562Noah McLaughlin | Faded
ButterySmoothMX 2:41.773Gregory Evans | GGR Honda
ButterySmoothSX 1:11.710Gregory Evans|GGR Honda
Checkerz Sky Ranch - Top SX 1:07.250Trevin Thompson | Cyber Dezigns
Checkerz Sky Ranch - Wash SX 0:54.414Noah McLaughlin | Cyber Dezigns
Chuckies Fun Track 3:49.117Gregory Evans | GGR Honda
Club Moto 1:32.976Jett Holyhead | The Bakery Film Co.
ClubMX: UpperSX 1:02.460Noah McLaughlin | Cyber Dezigns
ConnectVisual - The Dogpound : Motocross 2:39.554Noah McLaughlin | Drunk Driving co
Cootus SX Facility 1:28.257Gregory Evans | GGR Honda
Craigs Factory 1:39.070CarterFouts
Craigs Factory - Clay SX 1:07.742Trevin Thompson | Cyber Dezigns
DelbSX 1:20.617Harry Birchmore | Cyber Dezigns
donutmx | Bikini Bottom - beta doe !! 3:21.640Trevin Thompson | Perico's Innerprize
Dreamtraxx-Dreamland 4:33.210Trevin Thompson
FAMmx MotoVilla - Motocross Track 2:05.796Noah McLaughlin |
FARMLAND SX - MatRob Designs 1:14.078Noah McLaughlin | Faded
FridayDog 2:34.617Noah McLaughlin | Faded than a hoe
FrotaDog 2:27.359Noah McLaughlin | Faded
Heckman Productions Compound: Sand SX 1:21.296Morten Strom
Holy Smokes Valley 1:31.578Noah McLaughlin | Faded than a hoe
J83cket MX Rough 3:50.148luke phillips
JCSX: not another RTC replica 1:18.695Cody Penwell
JGMX: Dr. Dew Racing Compound 2:47.062Gregory Evans | GGR Honda
JGMX: Gibel's Crossing 2:18.195Brent Heintzelman
JGMX: Seabolt Compound MX 2:54.101luke fauser...blair
JGMX: The Kitchen Sink 1:36.421Noah McLaughlin | Cyber Dezigns #4JA
JGMX: Van Hooten Sand Gulch MX1 1:54.320Noah McLaughlin | Faded
JGMX: Van Hooten Sand Gulch MX2 2:08.851Noah McLaughlin | Faded
JGMX: Yumpy Jumpy 2:14.945Brodie.C | Horizon Mx
JGSX: 1990 SX RD1 1:16.414Luke Fauser
JGSX: 1990 SX RD2 1:15.843Trevin Thompson | Faded than a hoe
JGSX: 2018 Foxborough Massachusetts 1:08.117Gregory Evans | GGR Honda
JGSX: Bishop 1:00.273Noah McLaughlin | Cyber Dezigns
JGSX: Petecross SX1 1:31.414Noah McLaughlin | Faded than a hoe
JGSX: Petecross SX2 0:48.554Noah McLaughlin | Faded than a hoe
JGSX: Shuffleboard SX 1:39.296Trevin Thompson | Faded than a hoe
JGSX: Woo-Snoo Woodlands, Wooback Whereabouts 0:49.625Trevin Thompson | Cyber Dezigns
JPD : Chad Reed Compound MX 2014-2015 2:22.421charles leclerc
JS7 Compound SX South - MatRob Designs 0:56.585Aj Meadows | Verified | Moto Fails
KTM Murrieta Test Track 0:53.585Noah McLaughlin
LimanoDog 2:14.710Trevin Thompson | Limited Decal
MatRob's 2022 SX Compound - 2015 Phoenix 1:07.476hollywood wascom | Moto.Fails | Verified.Co
MatRob's 2022 SX Compound - Anahiem 3 1:05.929Connor Cappetta | Privateer
MatRob's 2022 SX Compound - Arlington 0:58.312Noah McLaughlin | LTD
MatRob's 2022 SX Compound - Atlanta 1:42.492Noah McLaughlin | LTD
MatRob's 2022 SX Compound - Denver 0:54.390Noah McLaughlin | LTD
MatRob's 2022 SX Compound - St Louis 0:57.500Noah McLaughlin | LTD
MatRob's Abandoned Quarry SX - 23' Anaheim 2 1:08.671Noah McLaughlin | Faded
MatRob's Abandoned Quarry SX - 23' Arlington 0:51.476.max
MatRob's Abandoned Quarry SX - 23' Denver 0:49.617Noah McLaughlin | Faded
MatRob's Abandoned Quarry SX - 23' Detroit 1:01.000ttv/Seewy65 | Tscz Production
MatRob's Abandoned Quarry SX - 23' East Rutherford 0:54.726ttv/Seewy65 | Tscz Production
MatRob's Abandoned Quarry SX - 23' Glendale 1:07.640Hugo Delzenne | PanicREV
MatRob's Abandoned Quarry SX - 23' Houston 0:56.710Noah McLaughlin | Faded than a hoe
MatRob's Abandoned Quarry SX - 23' Indianapolis 0:49.640Trevin Thompson | Faded than a hoe
MatRob's Abandoned Quarry SX - 23' Nashville 1:01.906killian vincent606/VRCmxsteam
MatRob's Abandoned Quarry SX - 23' Oakland 1:11.312Pablo Vial | Yogi Designs
MatRob's Abandoned Quarry SX - 23' San Diego 1:04.132Noah McLaughlin | Faded
MatRob's Abandoned Quarry SX - 23' Seattle 0:57.343Hugo Delzenne | PanicREV
MatRob's Abandoned Quarry SX - 23' Tampa 0:57.742Noah McLaughlin | Faded than a hoe
MatRob Designs - Sandy Hill MX Track 2:45.820Luke Fauser
MatRob Designs - SMX Playoff's Rd 1 Charlotte Motor Speedway 1:25.843Noah McLaughlin | Faded than a hoe
MD: Sixteen Designs Test Track 1:43.242Taj moore |17 decals racing
Mellowville 2:20.546Trevin Thompson
MM716: 2020 Localcross RD1 1:14.273Gregory Evans | GGR Honda
MX 119 V1 2:24.500tommy lee
MX vs ATV Reflex FortDodge Rd1 - MatRob Designs 1:15.562Ryan Turner | JIBR.CO
MX vs ATV Reflex FortDodge Rd2 - MatRob Designs 1:29.500tommy lee
MX vs ATV Reflex Kingston Rd1 - MatRob Designs 1:40.132Parsell
MX vs ATV Reflex Kingston Rd2 - MatRob Designs 1:53.117Trevin Thompson | LTD
MX vs ATV Reflex Pinetop MX - MatRob Designs 2:25.359tommy lee
MX vs ATV Reflex StonePoint Rd1 - MatRob Designs 1:02.210FJ #4JA
MX vs ATV Reflex StonePoint Rd2 - MatRob Designs 1:10.554FJ #4JA
MX vs ATV Reflex Switchyard - MatRob Designs 1:17.859Brett Falvey | Grown Children #4JA
One3One Compound SX Lower 1:39.375Bryan Jenkins|@Moto.fails
QDMX: 2021 Chillitown MX 1:31.335Luke Fauser | LIMITED DECAL
Racetech Training Complex 2:43.992Trevin Thompson | Cyber Dezigns
Railyard MX 1:51.109Gregory Evans | GGR Honda
Railyard MX2 3:34.882Mud
Railyard MX3 1:07.148Cody Penwell
RandyRaceway 2:19.765Gregory Evans|GGR Honda
Reliant Sx 0:52.890Trevin Thompson | LTD
Sim Bros Steeze Facility 1:59.054Gregory Evans | GGR Honda
So you think you know SX Round 1 2:10.664Trevin Thompson | Cyber Dezigns
SplitDesignsSx 0:53.093Noah McLaughlin | LTD
STANCE Compound Kawi Test Track Replica - MatRob Designs 1:06.406Trevin Thompson
Steezed Forest 1:59.906tommy lee
Sublimity SX - MatRob Designs 0:53.992Trevin Thompson | Limited Decal
Temecula Test Track SX 1:17.187Tan Bilzerian
Temecula Test Track SX 2 1:31.507Cody Penwell
The FBG Factory 1:19.640Trevin Thompson | Cyber Dezigns
The Hubbard Facility - MX Rough 2:39.367Luke Cameron | Cyber Dezigns
The Hubbard Facility - SX1 1:16.414Gregory Evans|GGR Honda
The Sim Homies AX 0:28.226Cody Penwell
The Sim Homies MX 1:56.781Luke Heberlein Compound MX 2:33.687Trevin Thompson | Team Fried
Victoria Park MX - MatRob Designs 2:29.117Tyler Lang | Underground x Phils
VlastMX: Squid Squad Compound Motocross 3:01.500Gregory Evans | GGR Honda
VlastMX: The Moses Ranch 1:43.093Trevin Thompson | Cyber Dezigns
WDMX: Dall MX 2:08.453Noah McLaughlin | Cyber Dezigns
ZION Mx Flaine Helen 2022 1:44.875Noah McLaughlin |
ZION MXGP Ernee 2022 2:06.718Trevin Thompson | The L.W.G


1100.00*185Jon Luis
2100.00*152Tan Bilzerian
3100.00*1Trystan Williams | Flatchat Racewear |
5100.00*48Joseph Pilsner |
7100.00*146Jett Holyhead | The Bakery Film Co.
8100.00*243Andrew Jennings | Privateer
9100.00*171LeBoard James
10100.00*270Eugenio Barbaglia
12100.00*116Pablo Vial | Yogi Designs
13100.00*52Cody Brauer
14100.00*133Blake hartley
15100.00*608jared drewitt | STD racing
16100.00*171Phill / Child Predator
17100.00*670Luca Seelen | LBS
18100.00*42Evan Vanderkooi | Rubber Ducky Racing
19100.00*721James Layle | LMR Honda
21100.00*30Luke Magnetti | BPC
23100.00*677Ben Dover
24100.00*144Bobby BigLines | Ryno Power
25100.00*17Zach Coleman | SC Motorsports
26100.00*204Adam Straka
27100.00*42Nick Sellahn | JIBR.CO
28100.00*2Landon Steele | 4 Horseman
29100.00*117Dakota French | MXS Magazine
30100.00*981Noah Tompkins
31100.00*33Caleb Hall | Underground X Phils
33100.00*919Doug Bauer
34100.00*610Colten Savage
35100.00*219dakota revis
36100.00*449Jeremy Murphy
37100.00*175Byrd Green | Enigma Productions
38100.00*74Alex Dodd || GDR
39100.00*156Thomas Lavillauroy | Billabong
40100.00*101Critical Joint | 2NutzRacing
41100.00*338KyleBranson | KRT
42100.00*601otto berton | I Love Hot Moms
43100.00*692Danne Karlsson
44100.00*149Keegan Riley
45100.00*942Sem Dem / Factory Team BE
47100.00*86Ryan Hayward | Workshop Graphics
48100.00*NUTHunter Dietrich
49100.00*522John Davis |
50100.00*475Dylan Kelley
51100.00*1The Notorious
52100.00*553Jackson Roger | FFR | Fun Factor Baby
53100.00*227Cade Copeland
54100.00*11Javi Ruiz | RADIKALxVRS
56100.00*276Carter Cochran | ERT
58100.00*22Trey Valley
59100.00*212Sebastien Racine|SBR Motorsports
60100.00*104Bryce McLaud | Anal Modz
61100.00*539Carter Vanderbeck
62100.00*922Eli Block | Privateer
63100.00*175Lliam Rowella | WPS
64100.00*25insta ingram.levi
65100.00*274Dann | SDX Factory
66100.00*910Adam Machia | Privateer
68100.00*230Daegan Aiello | Team Ethos
69100.00*555Cody Carpenter | SpodeFarmRacing
72100.00*23Jesse Butcher | IG @moto.fails
74100.00*312NA Dennis F
75100.00*620Zach|SL Production
77100.00*898Sean Leenstra | 101 Barz
78100.00*261matteo tournebize
79100.00*910Kale Snyder | Privateer
80100.00*673Lucas Martins | L&R Racing
81100.00*38Neo Darmon |38| TNG FACTORY
82100.00*25Jake Cawthorn
84100.00*64William Crete
85100.00*66Fast Guy/Owner Of Alive Racing
86100.00*727luke phillips
87100.00*271GARCIA | Try Hard e-Sports
88100.00*711Wayne Bayly | Preme Decals
89100.00*27Brent Brennan
90100.00*234C.K.#234 | Privateer
91100.00*426Billy Blundell | Altherm JCR Yamaha
92100.00*429Alex Griffiths | The Bakery Film co.
94100.00*577Sulymane Rouffinet | Dymidium | #577
95100.00*195Landon Holliday | Horizion Mx
96100.00*209Nick Casella | ABFX
97100.00*67Michael Gurda | Krave Powersports
98100.00*98Devon Hemenez | Spark Gang
99100.00*946Matt Bower | @Moto.Fails
100100.00*63HEROIC EWEz
101100.00*113Isaac Lindley
102100.00*896Ricard Caellas | MFR
103100.00*616Kyle Heald
105100.00*12Cale Thorpe | FastHub MX
106100.00*199Cameron Loder | DMK Designs
107100.00*49Andrew Maroney | Grown Children
108100.00*191austin camden |Hungy racing#cooperlikesblackhawk
109100.00*184Christian Landry|toysforbigboysltd
110100.00*13Rhys Harris | MXS Magazine KTM
111100.00*35jack rogers
112100.00*161Ty Maytom-Jones|Privateer
113100.00*711Emilio wewertz
11593.75*324Griffin Cumbridge | SCR
11693.33*921Philipp Eiserfey | DINOCO
11792.31*23Justen Stolz
11891.67*841Aj Meadows | Verified | Moto Fails
11990.91*314Jake Beech | Wide Awake Racing
12090.91*92Dylan Burns | No Team
12190.91*999Joe Motocross
12290.00*53Topher Turley | Sim Lab Productions
12388.89*232? | Boli
12488.89*569Jordan Crowder | SCR
12588.89*216Jake $pea$e | District Designs
12687.50*606killian vincent606/VRCmxsteam
12785.71*26ttv/Seewy65 | Tscz Production
12885.71*101James Newman | Cyber Dezigns
12985.71*21Noa Fornier | Mxworld
13085.71*4Tyler Lang | Underground x Phils
13185.71*194Dominic Cameron | Verified Graphics Co
13285.19*291Jonathan Hernandez | Pluto
13383.63198Hugo Delzenne | PanicREV
13483.33*171Braydo | MotoMart
13583.33*175Jacob Kelly | Ryno Power
13683.33*226#226|Sterling|MP Racing
13783.33*206Tallon Coane | Comin out of a 2 year retirement
13883.33*231Stan Marsh
13983.33*116eric cartman
14083.33*127Anthony Picchione | SPINC
14282.35*795Luke Heberlein
14381.82*83Marten Enok / KTL Racing
14481.82*32Boddie Parker | Impact
14580.00*64DeShawn Marquis
14680.00*24Brett Falvey | Grown Children #4JA
14780.00*714Jayce Rife | Arizona Decal
14880.00*9LDZ Racing @Leonardodiaz_9 / ARGENTINA
14980.00*82Ayden Confer | Fluent Designs
15080.00*715Spencer Burley| FastLap Designs
15180.00*289Tyler Willis | Looking for a team
15380.00*930im dat guy ;)
15478.05*454MYNIPS (NIPSGANG)
15577.78*41Jace Hinrichs
15677.27*212Tyler Bishop | Hoppys Racing
15776.92*479James Coen | SPINC
15876.92*219Anthony Carcaramo | SPINC
15975.00*694Jacob Cumbridge | SCR
16075.00*68Anton Stenberg
16175.00*8ezra | STANCE
16275.00*259Clement Potensier | Tscz Production
16375.00*751Conner Schmude | Slowie Films | Honda
16475.00*556Cade Miller | NiceGentlemen
16575.00*37Coob | Gorrilla Dicks and Phat Whips
16675.00*10Alex Nye
16775.00*110Kalin Gunnell
16875.00*926Alec Zellner
16975.00*1Bill Will
17175.00*492Alex Helms | GFB
17275.00*130Bega/Aot Army
17373.33*321Zach Easter | Enigma Productions
17571.43*189Khamar Glover | Queef Exhaust Productions
17671.43*828Bryce Martin
17771.19*18Frank Jackson | Phil's x UGRC #4JA
17870.59*742Kyle Hollenbeck | LateNightCrew
18170.00*28Kai Adams | Active
18369.3147Noah McLaughlin | Faded than a hoe
18469.23*337Mael Hermant | MxZeheF
18569.23*115Kees Mortimer | VSR
18668.75104Gregory Evans | GGR Honda
18768.75*510Kyle Biggs | Flatchat Racewear
18868.42*254Jeremy Denny | Galaxy
18968.18*213Tyler Smith | Active
19068.00*516Geoffrey Tremerie | privateer
19167.80551Nick Niles | Vurbmoto
19267.74*104Gregory Evans|GGR Honda
19466.67*329jeff giffen | wanna be on cyber
19766.67*11JonBoi| Not Looking For Team
19866.67*514Koa Scott
19966.67*645Gavin Marsh
20066.67*226Kevin Kardashian | Regiment
20166.67*187Hudson Miller | NiceGentlemen
20266.67*58antonin rondelle
20366.67*422Jarno Bleekman | 2B-One GasGas
20466.67*895kyle johnson
20566.67*29Breydon Moon|Monster GasGas
20666.67*23Austin Brune|Privateer
20766.67*904Brennon Harrison
20866.67*49Jay Sexy
20966.67*84Clean Out Curtis | Professional Goon
21066.67*237Adam Santavy
21266.67*854Liam Hedung
21366.67*235Trace Palmer | Looking for Team
21466.32*364Cody Penwell
21565.79*830Brandon Larsen | Phil's
21665.38*126Jeremy Estrella |
21764.29*100Luke Cameron | Cyber Dezigns
21864.29*777Alex Thornton | LateNightCrew
21964.29*607ADOLF HITLER
22063.16*131Nathan Denny
22163.16*14Cohen Hamby | BC Racing
22263.16*114Emeric RANNOU/VRC MxsTeam
22363.06151Trevin Thompson | Faded than a hoe
22462.50*411hollywood wascom |Moto.Fails | Verified.Co
22562.50*247Victor Norlander | Braxton Worldwide
22761.90*5Kevin Sleng | Kose AMK Racing
22861.90*117Jack Baldwin | TBR
22961.54*206Blake Herzog
23061.11*259Jay Turner | Tscz Production
23160.49*268Jeremy POSTEL | PanicREV
23260.00*12Seth Carr | UGRC x Phil's
23360.00*94Tucker Zimmerman | Peap.Co
23460.00*938Bicalho | privateer
23560.00*124Ryan Anderson | Lansford Motorsports
23660.00*88Teddy Gall
23760.00*95Cody Russell
23860.00*79Cody Goode
23960.00*467Tekashi Morton | CornedUpp
24060.00*61Kasey B. Oehlert | Retired
24160.00*27Jose Eduardo
24460.00*151Garrett G. | CornedUpp
24560.00*602Calen Paleologos | EBR
24660.00*411Derek Jones | The Viewing
24759.46*170Theo Sieciechowicz | Tscz Production
24859.18*259Clement Potensier | Tscz Production
24959.09*520Emmett Sund | MCR
25058.90*117Aaron Cottrell
25158.33*316bugzz | @Moto.Fails
25258.33*626Dalton Caudill | NIHILO CONCEPTS#iloverace
25357.58*133Ryan Stewart
25457.14*132Luke Powell | LPGFX
25557.14*187Caleb Bates
25657.14*188Clay Alfrey
25757.14*13Austin Brydges | FastLap Designs
25857.14*125Grant Eckardt | 125 Photography
26156.00305Baptiste De Freitas | pv baby |
26255.56*151Jayden Mcaloon | red band racing
26355.56*670Luca Seelen/ES-racing KTM
26455.56*22ferrari/ BFSA factory
26555.56*67vbuck scammer
26655.00*953Connor Cappetta | Privateer
26754.55*22Leo Salaun / 22 / VRC MxsTeam /
26854.55*279joe bonercross
26953.85*494Benedikt/ES-racing KTM
27053.85*205Luca Buerger | DINOCO
27153.33*1James O'Dwyer
27352.94*116Taj Bishop / Hoppys Racing
27452.31*194Florian Bertin | PaniCrev
27552.17*570Brodie.C | SCR
27652.11*981Brent Heintzelman | Mid-Atlantic Powerwash
27752.00*387Harmon Scott | 2 stroke unlimited
27851.35*12Noa Houque | Tscz Production
27950.00*46Tanner Scott | Limited Decal
28050.00*999Joe mommacross | Volume Powersports
28150.00*134Nico Marchini
28250.00*54Sam Payne
28350.00*225Philip Birkenfeld | Dinocopate
28450.00*7Reece Martin
28550.00*9Stevooo | Team Tozzo
28750.00*ben caiafa
28850.00*631Ryder Whalen || Trump 2020
28950.00*130Kyler Hawkey
29150.00*239Matt Brewer
29250.00*187Joe Verge
29350.00*902deegan mckenzie|center punch
29550.00*626Damon Ion | SRG | YeahNahTTV
29650.00*222Brock Garrett
29750.00*15Matt Thompson
29850.00*165Taj moore |17 decals racing
29950.00*510task | kayy
30050.00*25Bryce Whealon | EVP
30250.00*23Tyler Uenaka | Stance
30350.00*Daniel.G.Driver | Emlite Productions
30450.00*301Mark Bracegirdle | Privateer
30550.00*794Tyron Beverley | KRT
30650.00*17Paulius sexy
30750.00*122Colton Hagler
30850.00*223Brandon Sanchez | Vans | Fuel Clothing Co.
30950.00*48Adam collings | Arrow Racing
31150.00*47frankie west
31250.00*107Seth Vincent|MxLockerAektivCo.
31350.00*256Dustin Clemons
31450.00*137Larry Dufinshmurts
31550.00*103seth crotty | FXR Motographix
31650.00*481Jared Gumeson | IBCorp Yamaha
31750.00*292Mayor Sauce
31850.00*41trey canard
31950.00*314reid miller
32150.00*134Chase Odom
32350.00*111Austin Davis
32450.00*299Kason Little | VSR
32550.00*69Oscar Manias | DEPEE26 KATEEME FASTORY REISIN
32650.00*702Morten Strom
32750.00*22jonathan getz / privateer
32850.00*169skrilla chief
32950.00*235Kaleb Armstrong
33250.00*84davis black | preme decals
33450.00*232Tom Smets / Factory Team BE
33550.00*34Kyle Williamson | TNN
33650.00*1perc nowitzki | fuck yellow team
33750.00*388Julien Vero | JEVLER FACTORY
33950.00*986Fredrik Le Tough
34050.00*4Ensign Payne
34150.00*462Luke Fauser | Privateer
34348.39*40Joe Chodercross
34448.15*52Alex Jorgensen | SCR | MxSimClips
34547.62*20Sleepy | The Viewing
34647.62*221Brett Thomas | Vurbmoto
34747.37*263Stinky Cock
34847.37*32Cody Walker | WFR
34946.67*921Jack Mark | Ryan Has A Big Cock
35046.67*841Josh Plymale | LateNightCrew
35146.15*999Joe BlowaCock
35246.15*474Brando Keen 474
35346.15*115Kees Mortimer | VSR
35446.15*J83Jack Borg | ProKitsAus
35545.65*629LGBTQ Lance | Horny
35645.6482luke fauser...blair
35745.45*178VALEX MX | PanicRev
35845.45*391Gary | EliteDecal
35945.45*47Jace Williams | Active
36045.45*284Brenden Kelly
36245.45*259barrault jerome
36344.44*822Sabina Matteo| BFSA racing
36444.44*629Josh Britt
36543.75*414Roman McCurdy
36643.75*772Prez Walker | Gibson | Flatchat Racewear
36742.86*595Ashley-John Matthews | Concept Clothing
36842.86*55Nathan Aguilar | KDN Racing
36942.86*911Dancing Israeli|Goyim Racing
37042.86*88Ryder Hill | 4 Horseman
37142.71246Nathan McLaughlin | Fried
37242.2872Bryan Jenkins|@Moto.fails
37342.11*55Austin-af55-Frank|Slowie Films|Temecula
37441.94*29Izaac no team cause bad, is also black
37541.67*119Kauan Formiguinha | Peak Performance
37641.67*279ken roczen
37741.67*712Toddy | LBR Designs
37841.67*347Zech Forsythe | Preme Decal
37941.67*14Gavin Jasperson
38041.67*926Ryder|Looking for team
38140.91*42Colton Lawson|Peckerwood Racing|
38240.00*41Dash McMillin |
38340.00*340{MF}Harrison Gafford | Sim Lab Productions
38440.00*516Dustin Mingo
38540.00*28Waylin Foster
38740.00*114Will Clark | Boot's House
38840.00*7Ryder | LateNightCrew
39040.00*139Lucas Arriagada | ShredCo
39140.00*401Junier Maxime #401
39240.00*420its not a phase mum
39438.46*207Fletcher | send it energy factory racing | bldm
39537.50*227Dominic Paolini | Privateer
39637.50*99cole puckett| sarms
39737.50*717Jack Steward
39837.50*96Johannes Breindal l Active
39937.50*612Logan Konze
40037.50*67Chris Young | LateNightCrew
40137.50*625Mason Tuttle | Slowie Flims | Honda
40236.36*32austin schafer
40436.00*15Isaiah Proctor
40535.71*65 Carter Fouts
40635.71*557@enzoms18 - looking for team
40735.29*15Drake Bailey
40835.00*494Marcus McKinney | #teamfried
40935.00*33Seth Hignett | The Viewing
41033.33*171Griffin Maxwell | GGR Honda
41133.33*185THEO FERM|Lidl X glad u came
41233.33*919RT | JIBR.CO
41333.33*512Christian Hentila | @Moto.Fails
41433.33*999Joe Motocross
41533.33*448Lil Sauce
41633.33*663Caleb McInnes
41733.33*205Sonny Spicer | EBR/VSR
41833.33*888Garett Crose | Stapo
42033.33*147Elliott McDonald | North Star
42133.33*218Chance Setser | FourLoko Designs | #LW217
42233.33*138Lucas Becker | Spark Gang
42333.33*5franco lossendiere
42433.33*136Jack Neronha l Trump 2020
42533.33*597Rasmus Wikstrom
42733.33*70208 ford f250 extendedcab
42833.33*923Jayden Schnurr
42933.33*230Tyler Leach
43033.33*128M I D G R A D E
43133.33*303BONER|deez nuts
43233.33*312CHRIS MAKUTA
43333.33*826Jake Lengner I Twisted Devlopement
43533.33*322Patrick Klein Baltink | 2B-One GasGas
43633.33*406Aidem gordon
43733.33*539Cole Zeller
43833.33*768Jez Titley | Privateer
43933.33*63Ty Long l Privateer
44033.33*65stoney hudman|Monster GASGAS
44233.33*58Hunter Yoder
44432.00*951Tybo Tytgat
44531.91*413Tylin Juskae
44731.58*31antoine mouqueron - tscz production
44830.77*177Justin Witteman | Privateer
44930.00*52Ben Neronha | HRC Honda Racing
45028.57*156Carl Novak |vurbmoto x Bung Boys
45128.21*823Ashton| Cyber Dezigns
45227.78*31Corey Brennan
45327.27*777Logan J Dickle
45526.67*442Logan Webb
45726.67*165Alex | wubzco
45826.67*285Chuckie Nigrin
45926.67*811Marcus Milewski | LateNightCrew
46026.32*423Camden Sigel | MNT Racing
46125.64654Paul Brunet|PanicREV Support|
46225.00*151Joe Momma
46325.00*937Cj simpson
46425.00*123tyler lynch
46525.00*17Lilesco|finna whip dis hoe
46825.00*64Kevin Ferzacca
46925.00*999Joe Motocross
47025.00*91Mehdi Kennouda | Team L2X | 91
47125.00*227Cody Cooper | Privateer
47225.00*15Juan Ignacio Piermarini
47325.00*19Will Lee Jr
47425.00*26Grant Stephen [] Cyber Dezigns
47525.00*17chris larochelle
47625.00*218Antoine Maurice
47725.00*295Charlie Ricketts | Mitas Racing
47825.00*137victor klinkerch
47925.00*15lil Einstein | TBD Racing
48025.00*336Erik Lange
48123.81*127Samuel Lane
48223.53*276Aaron wills | privaturd
48323.46*281Harry Birchmore | Cyber Dezigns
48423.08*9Dellred | WSR |
48523.08*59Joe Motocross
48622.73*19Lorenzo Butelli \ SCR Racing Team
48722.22*113Nolan Yarrington | Limited Decal
48822.22*52stone colby
48922.22*500Race Coble | NIHILO CONCEPTS | #ilovedalton
49022.22*99Joey Mortada | Mx Wolves Racing Team | Looking for riders
49122.22*342Jack Stacey| OTR Looking for riders
49222.22*151Tukker McLean | Tokyo Mods
49320.00*69kfc Jesse
49420.00*18corbin carpenter
49520.00*584Brody Biggs | Peak Performance | Flatchat
49620.00*322COCHENNEC Josselin
49720.00*119Frank Raffiani | SPINC
49820.00*270Roy Mitchell | Jack Daniel's Racing
49920.00*82Sabrina Ritzler | Whipstyle
50320.00*834Evan Klardie
50420.00*99Nate True|looking for a team
50620.00*991Bro what the heck
50817.65*274Bails Mcfreak | FDR
50917.65*391Julian Smith | Regiment
51017.14*31justin stalling
51116.67*176Gavin Wilson | Cyber Dezigns
51216.67*273Everett McDonald | North Star
51316.67*#5Joao Danilo/Privaater
51516.67*115jaxon butlerJoe Motocross
51616.67*40Dalton Spooner |
51816.67*175RYDER STAR / MULFS
51916.67*10Johnny // Titties
52016.67*143Noah Viney | Elevated
52116.67*563Colton Gorby
52216.30174LukeD174 | The Ohio Squids Racing
52315.79*40Matt Reeves | Scrubz Designs
52415.79*375larry fortin
52515.38*800Big Boi
52614.29*392James |
52714.29*25Elliot Hearnden I Vision Design
52814.29*52Justin Thurman|FocusX Gear
53014.29*55Cy alvarado/Privateer
53114.29*11Kyle Tracy|sponserd by daddys credit card
53312.50*802cameron blanchard
53512.50*3Thibo Cadron|PanicREV
53611.76*125Noah Burges|MonsterMountainMx
53711.11*791Jett Lag
53911.11*310Andy Hack | SplitFire
54010.00*723landon gibson
5429.52*17Lachlan Cheney|Scrubz Designs
5438.57*33carson33 BBC
5457.69*289Lawson Dye | Privateer | TTV lawsondye72
5466.25*13weeman |Midget
5475.56*246Hunter Dietrich | Limited Decal
5490.00*1mykel johnson
5500.00*243Austen Bennett | Privateer
5510.00*916Ty Rogers |
5520.00*371Ryan Mahan
5530.00*420Ryan Miller
5540.00*88zcrzy faktor bed rull gasgas
5550.00*817Cayden viss
5570.00*543Connor Templin
5580.00*20Casey Cochran | Adept Creative Co.
5600.00*26William Terava | Tscz Production
5610.00*284Hunter Dasilva
5620.00*34Lachie Winchester | TBFC
5630.00*116Aaren Colclasure |Bitmade racing
5640.00*269Andrew Kawyn | Eleven10 Mods
5650.00*999Justin Pinkerton
5660.00*222Matthew Rowse
5670.00*328Cade Mason | LMR Honda
5680.00*752Boner Man
5690.00*728Ryder Antill|Factory Contender
5700.00*715BenBegals/Bs Kawi
5710.00*698Erlend Saether | System Racing
5720.00*buzulier erwan/Daily Mx
5730.00*103Daxty 103
5740.00*999Joe Motocross
5760.00*204Canyon White | Privateer
5770.00*145Kaiden Carnes | WhipStyle
5780.00*239Cody Wells
5790.00*117Gavin Ortiz | Privateer
5800.00*316Collin Clark | Boot's House X DR DEW
5810.00*431Gage Brehm
5820.00*154Jaxson Whetstone
5830.00*627PERES LEO|627|BMS
5840.00*912Hudson Candella | Privateer
5850.00*213Robby Goad
5860.00*999Joe Motocross
5870.00*316Santino_ I factorygoon
5880.00*928Noah Burnett
5900.00*906Elias Rismondo|Privateer
5910.00*406Mike Malaney | BMZ Racing
5920.00*100Steve Harris "LittleBear" | Smartop Honda
5930.00*137Kristofer Gardipee
5950.00*78Jace Baker | Creation
5960.00*299GAVIN MOON | Monster GasGas
5970.00*571Frank Hutch
5980.00*999Joe Motocross
5990.00*47christianhumphrey|i like men
6000.00*323Tyler Conklin | privateer
6010.00*862Benjamin Miljkovic | MxS Magazine
6030.00*8Josh Collins | Burbmoto
6040.00*231| Limited x rg231
6060.00*93quentin rondelle
6070.00*556Oli Wickers | Entity MotoSport
6080.00*359Conner Nelson
6090.00*13TimothyW | 4 Horseman
6100.00*326Damon Williamson
6110.00*398Matthew Grist | PureMoto
6120.00*127yuh reed
6140.00*504Wesley Carbaugh|230 cafe
6160.00*21jaxson getz /priveter
6200.00*166Joe slotocross
6210.00*167Glxzzy | ERT
6230.00*38Adam Gauthier|#38| Reign Designs
6240.00*563Jordon Darby | Factory Goose Racing
6250.00*562Brandon Robinson
6260.00*287Jack Clancy | FFR | Fun Factor Baby
6270.00*95Loris Modard | BUD Racing MXS Magasine
6290.00*24Austin Schafer | WPS
6300.00*949Stany | SDX factory |
6320.00*812Retse De Smedt/Factory Team BE
6330.00*319Juan Gomez | RADIKAL x VRS
6360.00*327Cody Darr| SYS
6370.00*79Emmanuel Cepeda | Boot's House
6390.00*136DevO cleaned ur clock
6400.00*629max harper | Enigma Productions
6420.00*62Pablo Goncalves \ PGR
6430.00*40Joe Motocross
6440.00*62Olle Sundberg | Mitas Racing
6460.00*304Ethan Lenox | CA Designs
6470.00*69marty mcfly
6480.00*221Rodrigo Borges
6510.00*118Lucas Schuldt #raisehellpraisedale
6520.00*125Gabriel Heimonen
6530.00*15Brian dickey | Thousand Oak's
6540.00*462Jyri Saluste
6560.00*999im to good for u
6570.00*611nathan briggs 611| bb27
6580.00*508Dustyn Davis
6600.00*46Paul Vieira Da Silva|MxRF
6610.00*910Alex Hoskin|SL Productions
6630.00*263Conrad wilce
6640.00*121Sam Barrell
6650.00*808Don Keedic
6670.00*854Liam Hedung
6680.00*579Tate Anderson george is shit
6690.00*171Nick Sangster
6710.00*47Jace Williams|MotoHomies|Owner
6720.00*126Axel Carels | Dymidium | #126
6730.00*320Pau Rojas | MFR
6740.00*4cayden bailey
6750.00*669Jack Herrmanns
6760.00*520Ben Rona | Krave Powersports
6770.00*32sum dude
6780.00*629HARPER | Enigma Productions
6790.00*199Wesley Rocha | Get A Clue Racing
6800.00*999Joe Motocross
6820.00*206lane allison/ jon dere
6840.00*202Josh DeMars
6850.00*159Nolan Connolly | Real Deal Racing
6860.00*372sb_372 | privateer
6870.00*52Stoney Hudman|Looking for team
6880.00*506cayle|lookng for a team
6890.00*181Oskar Romberg | Privateer
6900.00*384Harvey Isborne | :)
6910.00*917trenten osman
6920.00*162Jeremy Robichaud
6950.00*498Hunter Cordua
6960.00*sadim sad
6970.00*410Braxtyn watson
6980.00*225Tyrone Shoelaces
6990.00*56white iverson|Red Bull KTM
7000.00*54O-Geezy | Team Ethos
7020.00*44sebsu44Joe Motocross
7030.00*94Tiago Salgueiro
7040.00*347Andrew Zigre
7050.00*264Kaleb Winchester Looking For Team
707-115Quentin Vauzelle|Amnesia Racing|#115
708-745Kyle Morgan | Colorado
709-270Joey Bradstreet | Vibe
710-174Dylan Love | Proline Designs
711-724Ryan Bailey | Vibe+
712-43Maddixx Perque | Supreme
713-196Huntah | @Moto.Fails
714-124FLUFFY #124/OnTopMX/ (Team Owner) @fluffy_124
715-232Tristo | @Moto.Fails
716-167Aiden Harper| Looking for a team 167
717-120clement kirsch
720-571mack wiest
721-34Tyce Kubiak | Dagger Racing
723-277Chase Morales | @Moto.Fails
724-17Malo Even | Coalition
727-83Sakke#83 | MC Pampers
728- 78J Frank
732-412Tobias Moe
733-117Player Unknown
735-211Chris R. | Privateer
736-270Liam schwuch | STD Racing
737-43Mel Gibson Clone
738-137Brandon Cocroft
739-737Ben McNevin| Urban x DJ's
740-343Mitchell Brush @MitchellBrush14
741-97Matteo Gros
742-715cd | @moto.fails
743-14corby marini
744-331Tyler More | ERA X SCR
746-225alan guyot|wid motorsport
747-48scott walker
748-999cm | staw :heart_eyes_cat:
749-47 feel good gregory
750-173ETHAN ROWLAND | VSR |@ethan73_
751-149James Bemrose UK | Looking 4 Team
752-421Eddy Brown|Privateer
753-21club sucker
754-999Joe Motocross
755-28Cooper Mullins/ Game moto
756-69jake lindquist
757-415Brayden Tharp | Mxs Magazine KTM
758-602Harry Robertson
760-944Tim Walch
761-26Migsta26 | MDW Designs
762-172Titus Sassole
763-94Luke Lawhorn | Vibe
764-199Victor Redondo - Manolo Factory Racing
765-127elijah flores
766-425Maxime rohee | MFG Racing
767-908Troy England | nz goon
768-223Caleb Hoffman
769-76Vivian Dabert | ZION
770-129Diego Castaneda
771-148Jaiden Britt | Privateer

* Less than 100 opponents.

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